Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 Downloadable Content Comes Similarly Priced to Last Year

Posted March 26th, 2013 at 3:30 pm


The prevalence of downloadable content for the Tiger Woods PGA Tour series has not just discouraged some consumers from buying on a yearly basis but has even become a point of contention as evidenced by reaction towards the system implemented in Tiger 13. Ultimately spending well over $100 on the game with all the courses made available every year is something most cannot justify yet an effective alternative system has still not been offered. 

(Update) It appears the prices listed in-game had already accounted for the 20% Season Ticket discount. Information has since been updated below to account for the accurate prices.

With Tiger Woods 14 there are more courses on disc than ever before with 20 accessible to all, and 26 in the Historic Edition, yet that still leaves another 15 only available through DLC and without a way to earn courses through the time spent playing.

Compared to Tiger 13 the prices are lower and it is safe to assume that is directly a result of not having a manner in which players can obtain them without paying. The prices had gone up with Tiger 13 by about 15% but now have dropped down for Tiger 14 by up to as much as 37% relating to the big pack of courses.

Compared to Tiger 13 the prices are comparable as the big pack of courses there contained 11 for $40 and Tiger 14 has 14 for the same price. Individual courses were $5 last year as well while a 5 pack was $20 and 6 pack $24 – so the 4 pack this time around makes for a better deal.

•14 Course Pack – $40
Historic Edition Upgrade – $20
TPC 4 Pack – $10
Individual Courses – Most are $5 and a couple $6
Coin Packs – Range from $5 to $100

The Historic Edition of the game, which retails for $10 over the standard version, provides 6 additional courses. Those courses cost $20 through DLC making it a no-brainer to get the Historic Edition if they’re of interest. Season Ticket subscribers are looking at a savings of $8 on the 14 Course Pack and potentially much more on the courses alone due to the 20% discount that applies to all DLC that would be purchased.