First News on NCAA Football 14 Could Arrive This Coming Week

Posted March 30th, 2013 at 11:15 am


In tracking the past four years the first non-cover related info on the respective upcoming NCAA Football titles have come on March 12, March 14, February 26, and February 12. EA Sports has then remained mum regarding NCAA Football 14 well beyond the traditional schedule but that may be coming to an end shortly. Indications received suggest the first news will hit next week.

Other than Denard Robinson being featured on the cover the only insight on the game came last year when EA confirmed NCAA 14 will feature the “Infinity Engine” physics system that was introduced in Madden NFL 13 and that South Alabama – inexplicably having been forgotten for NCAA 13 – will be in with extra attention paid to the accuracy of the school’s representation.

The concern remains that EA has little motivation to invest heavily in a series that may not be around in two years. If the player likeness lawsuit ruling comes down on the side of the plaintiffs – and right now the momentum is clearly on their side rather than the NCAA/CLC/EA – that would likely bring an end to all college-based video games. After two consecutive lackluster-at-best efforts (both having “won” the community award for Most Disappointing Sports Game of the Year) EA is going to have to prove that NCAA 14 will be different. Otherwise the declining consumer support may effectively put the series to rest even before the lawsuit could.