MLB 2K13 Perfect Game Challenge Begins

Posted April 1st, 2013 at 9:45 am


It’s fitting that the Perfect Game Challenge for MLB 2K13 begins on April Fools Day considering the product made available to consumers this year was for all intents and purposes a joke. Those stuck with 2K13 because its their only option, or those who bought it solely for the chance to try and win money, will now find the contest mode live through the end of April.

Last year 2K Sports got the structure right by making it more of a competition than a race – though it was later marred by a cheating controversy. This year the payouts are changing with more gamers taking home a share of the $1 million pot. 30 people will come away with $25K by pitching the best perfect game for each respective team.┬áThe top 4 qualifying games, determined by a mathematical equation factoring in the difficulty of the match-up and the quality of the outing, will then have a chance at winning an additional $250K in a live head-to-head battle.