iOOTP Baseball 2013 Now Available

Posted April 4th, 2013 at 9:45 am


The mobile baseball management-sim iOOTP 2013 arrived today in the App Store. It is available only on iOS for $5 and includes a free HD version that applies to the iPad accompanied by the standard version for the iPhone and iPod touch.

The game features three central management modes: “Major Leagues” (choose a team and play out the 2013 season), “Fictional” (iOOTP creates one of four fictional baseball worlds and populates it with fresh players and clubs -select a team and build a dynasty from scratch), and “Historical Replay” (Choose one of three past seasons — 1901, 1902, or 2009 — and see if it produces a different outcome. Every other year in history is available as in-app purchase). Improvements for iOOTP ’13 include updated major league rosters and the top 20 minor league prospects for each team, a redesigned interface, better trading AI, a new player development system, achievements, and more. Look for a review to hit the site mid-next week!