Player Face Comparisons Between MLB 13: The Show and MLB 2K13 – The Results

Posted April 11th, 2013 at 10:15 am


With plenty of time having passed to vote on the player faces in the 2013 editions of the MLB games here are the results. Over 73K total votes were collected through the process and the results were definitive to say the least. While 2K Sports has at least put up a fight in the three years prior, coming out on top 30% of the time, this battle proved to be a far greater mismatch. MLB 13: The Show won 35 of the 40 over MLB 2K13.

Most of the pairings were routs with The Show taking 26 of them by 80%+ and 8 of them being at or above 95%. The tightest race was with 2K13 cover-man David Price who just barely edged out the win for the company he represents. Clayton Kershaw and Justin Verlander, who also have relationships with 2K, were among the few others who won for that side. The only semi-surprise comes with Buster Posey who was deemed better in 2K despite his ties to SCEA.

MLB 13: The Show
David Ortiz 98%
Yoenis Cespedes 98%
John Axford 98%
Billy Butler 97%
Stephen Strasburg 96%
David Wright 95%
Curtis Granderson 95%
R.A. Dickey 95%
Jose Bautista 92%
Derek Jeter 91%
Andrew McCutchen 90%
Starlin Castro 89%
Prince Fielder 89%
Pablo Sandoval 89%
Bryce Harper 89%
Miguel Cabrera 88%
Joe Mauer 87%
Robinson Cano 87%
Adam Jones 86%
Carlos Gonzalez 85%
Josh Hamilton 82%
Melky Cabrera 81%
Dan Uggla 81%
Felix Hernandez 80%
Matt Kemp 80%
C.C. Sabathia 79%
Rafael Furcal 78%
Yu Darvish 76%
Mike Trout 74%
Adrian Beltre 72%
Giancarlo Stanton 71%
Carlos Beltran 71%
Joey Votto 70%
Ryan Braun 65%
Aroldis Chapman 60%

MLB 2K13
Justin Verlander 73%
Craig Kimbrel 54%
Clayton Kershaw 54%
Buster Posey 53%
David Price 51%