NCAA Football 14 Gets New Playable Cameras

Posted April 19th, 2013 at 8:30 am


Though having multiple options in terms of playable camera angles has not been something perceived by many as mattering to the mainstream consumer base, the lack of such has brought criticism to the NCAA Football series in recent years. With just one standard camera it stood out as yet another area in which the series lacked initiative in appeasing a crowd that happened to be passionate about the desire for options – particularly as the Madden franchise has offered several of them making the omission from NCAA even more puzzling.

NCAA Football 14 will bring at least this one specific criticism to a close. The game will offer four playable camera angles to choose from. The standard legacy camera will be joined by “Zoomed”, “Wide”, and “Broadcast”. By name they are the same as what Madden NFL 13 offered but I’m told the “Broadcast” view won’t be from the traditional sideline perspective so hopefully EA will provide a look at what that entails in the weeks ahead.