Date Set for Tiger Woods 14 Patch Release on PS3 as 360 Side Falls Behind

Posted April 23rd, 2013 at 6:45 pm


The status of the comprehensive patch for Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 – detailed earlier with primary notes on changes to expect – has been updated by EA Sports. The patch cleared certification by Sony and will arrive for the PS3 on Monday the 29th. Microsoft however found a bug in the patch and returned it to EA to fix. Because of the turnaround involved the company is now expecting it to be out on the 360 one week later.

The first post-release patch for Tiger 14 is expected to include a change to the camera angles that are cut to while observing putts among many other presentation-based and stat tracking alterations. Multiple server-side updates have been pushed live in the weeks since release to address similar issues isolated to the game’s online-connected modes.