Ridiculous Fishing Review

Posted April 24th, 2013 at 9:30 am


By Brendan Wilhide
Ridiculous Fishing is the latest entry in the ‘retro graphics and addictive gameplay” category of iOS games. In this case you play as a fisherman seeking to catch everything in sight at a variety of local fishing spots, each with unique fish and unique challenges. The result is an addictive “just one more turn” game which fits nicely into the iOS sports gaming genre. 

Part of the fun of playing Ridiculous Fishing is the intentionally old school graphics which harken back to the games of yesteryear. The graphics play as much of a role in the charm of this game as the gameplay itself – which is hilarious.

Ridiculous Fishing involves fishing, reeling and shooting fish. That’s it. Each “play” includes each of these three stages in order. You cast your line down into the depths and navigate past fish as you go. Each fishing line is capable of a specific maximum depth so as your line goes lower you’ll know when you are close to reaching maximum depth. You cast your line by tapping and holding your finger down on the screen. You have to avoid fish on the way down, though, since doing so automatically reels your line back to the surface so you tilt your iOS device left or right to navigate past fish until you are ready to hook them.

Once you’ve reached maximum depth (or found a prized fish) you take your finger off the screen and the line will begin reeling back to the surface as you tilt left or right, this time hooking as much fish as you possibly can in a few seconds. You’ll encounter all kinds of exotic looking fish–different shapes and sizes and those that swim at different speeds.

Ridiculous Fishing includes a helpful “Fish-O-Pedia” which catalogs the various types of fish, their value and where they can be found in the game. Not all fish bring a positive value–some, like jellyfish, will cost you if you hook them.

Once you have reeled your fish back to the surface you enter the shooting portion of the game. The fish fly off your line once they hit the surface and you have to shoot them as quickly as possible to cash in on them. It’s a bit of mayhem for a few seconds but it sure is fun.

You can spend the cash you earn on better tools like longer fishing lines, a more powerful gun or even a “chainsaw line” which allows you to cut through unwanted guppies on your way down to the big money fish lurking far below the surface. Ridiculous Fishing is in-app-purchase free so the only way to get these items is by playing the game.

Finding time to play Ridiculous Fishing likely won’t be a problem for many–each turn takes only about a minute total–perfect for standing in line or waiting in a lobby. Ridiculous Fishing is an addictive, playful and engaging game which iOS gamers of all ages are sure to enjoy.

Ridiculous Fishing is available for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad for $2.99.

Thanks to Brendan Wilhide for the review. You can find him on Twitter @BrendanWilhide