Another Video Showing Off Variety of Runner Moves in Madden NFL 25

Posted May 2nd, 2013 at 4:45 pm


Trailing behind the initial teaser trailer and first gameplay related feature announcements EA Sports has released another look at Madden NFL 25’s “Run Free” in action. The “Precision Modifier” will give ball-carriers the ability to make up to 30 different moves and string them together to create what EA describes as “devastating combos”.

The new video is unlikely to quell any of the concerns from those disturbed by the influence this combo implementation could have on the game. That the company is making a concerted effort to compare the abilities to Street Fighter is a topic¬†discussed at length on the most recent Press Row Hangout and tomorrow’s Press Row Podcast. The examples seen here may represent some exciting moments but certainly don’t look natural or realistic. As always leave your thoughts and observations in the comments!¬†