Wii U Officially Going Without Madden

Posted May 2nd, 2013 at 8:00 am


When Madden NFL 25 was announced the Wii U was left out of the promotion. That followed the admission that Tiger Woods 14 wouldn’t be coming to the recently released console and even still EA has no games officially announced headed to the system in the future.

On the heels of growing speculation that EA might go exclusive to Microsoft in some form or fashion the company has finally confirmed that Madden NFL 25 will not appear on the Wii U. Nintendo World Report¬†was able to wrangle up a statement after months of “no comment” responses to questioning on the subject.¬†

Madden NFL 13 that released for the Wii U was decent – it had some tablet controller features with surprising potential however struggled with poor framerate and feature omissions – but EA faces a void of consumer interest. Those who want Madden for a current system will get it on the 360 or PS3 so there is little reason to port it over. Meanwhile the Wii U is not a true next-gen platform (apparently not even capable of running the current-gen physics technology) so it can’t be lumped in with the next Xbox and PS4 development.

This same logic applies to other sports franchises as well. FIFA 14 hasn’t been officially ruled out but so far EA has made sure not to hint in any manner that it could be coming to the Wii U. 2K Sports has traditionally released on pretty much any available platform in an attempt to take full advantage of licensing. NBA 2K14 hasn’t been announced by the company yet but retailers are listing 360/PS3/PC. As was the case with the original Wii if third parties can’t generate sales for their products they’ll choose to walk away and can’t be faulted for making that decision.