Connected Franchise News for Madden NFL 25 Delayed Two Weeks

Posted May 6th, 2013 at 10:45 am


The first news on Connected Franchise – previously known as Connected Careers – in Madden NFL 25 had been scheduled to release today. Focus was to be on the Coach and Player paths with the Owner mode aspect getting the spotlight on May 20. Now everything related to Connected Franchise will come on that day. Word comes from Shopmaster of MyMaddenPad who had content ready to go today upon lifting of an embargo that has now moved. 

It’s unclear why the information would get pushed back especially since now all Connected Franchise news will arrive just one day before the Microsoft next-gen reveal event. If EA has a presence there anything that comes out of it will completely drown out the discussion surrounding the current-gen version.

With skepticism towards Madden NFL 25 high after the first information push failed to resonate with consumers it’s a questionable decision to let an opportunity at creating some positive momentum pass. One theory to consider is there may be a feature EA planned to discuss that has to be scrapped or that is uncertain to make it in and they can’t commit to it at this time.

In the poll posted last week 21% of the over 3800 respondents felt negatively towards Madden NFL 25 based on the first gameplay news and trailers and only 14% viewed the developments positively. The polls gauging reaction to news on Madden NFL 13 had an average “encouraged” number 33% higher than “discouraged” making this a startling shift in early perception.