24 Could Be Returning for Limited Run on Fox

Posted May 9th, 2013 at 6:15 pm

Though talk of a feature film for 24 has been ongoing for a long time – the idea of it was raised even well before the series ended its run in 2010 – it has never gotten off the ground and lately was considered to be dead. Apparently that won’t stop a return of 24 just in a manner which no one would have expected.

Deadline is reporting that Fox is in talks with Kiefer Sutherland to reprise his role as Jack Bauer for what would be a “limited series”. It’s unclear how many episodes that would mean but trimming it down from 24 would add to the “event” feel of its return. The only conflict then would be that the title wouldn’t apply appropriately any longer. That wasn’t going to matter for the movie though which was going to drop the real-time aspect regardless.

(Update) The “limited event series” would be 13 one-hour episodes.

The revolutionary show continued to have strong ratings throughout all eight seasons but creatively ran dry and took a nosedive after the fifth. The concept became tiresome and the writers had trouble producing compelling twists and turns that would be at all believable. The several year break from the show could prove refreshing for both the writers and the viewers.