Ultimate Team Overview for NCAA Football 14

Posted May 15th, 2013 at 9:30 am


EA Sports today revealed just how Ultimate Team will be implemented in NCAA Football 14. An agreement with the NFLPA will feed in over 1500 current NFL players who will represent the college version of themselves. EA is also working to bring in some retired players as well though they would have to be negotiated with individually. The legends featured in Hesiman Challenge last year are locked in already however. The mode will also include the 10 game “seasons” followed by playoffs or relegation that was first introduced in FIFA 13’s version of the mode.

Several limitations will stunt the success of Ultimate Team here but the mode will probably still be a money-maker for EA filling a digital revenue void. Essentially appearing as a NCAA-skinned Madden Ultimate Team with younger versions of players, the different loyalties that lie with college programs rather than individuals, and being the only UT not to have current active players hurts its overall appeal. All this and being the first out will lead some hardcore Ultimate Team users to transition to their game of choice – FIFA 14 has made over $200 million in digital revenue and Madden 13 has neared $100 million – rather than spending on NCAA for 6+ months.