NBA Live Social Accounts Awaken Days Before Microsoft Event

Posted May 17th, 2013 at 6:30 pm


After lying dormant for eight months since posting the announcement of NBA Live 13’s cancellation EA Sports today sent out a message via multiple NBA Live social platform accounts that NBA Live 14 is “coming to a court near you”.

The timing is notable as the tease emerges just days before the Microsoft next-gen console reveal which could very well feature an EA presence and is rumored to include some element of exclusivity among the announcements. Should nothing with EA materialize at that event game announcements are expected at E3 through the Microsoft press conference and the EA press conference – both of which take place on June 10.

Recent comments suggest NBA Live 14 is headed to the next generation of consoles where it can start fresh and build for the future. It will be an uphill battle after severely deteriorating consumer confidence with the aborted releases of NBA Elite 11 and Live 13. It will also have to face an entrenched competitor that only solidified its place as a cultural force the last three years when it was the only sim basketball game on the market.