Two Press Row Hangouts: Pre-E3 Edition and Post-Xbox One Reveal

Posted May 31st, 2013 at 9:15 am


The latest edition of the Press Row Hangout was recorded last night and features myself, Rich Grisham from GamesRadar, and Owen Good from Kotaku. Topics range from where things stand now one week after the Xbox One reveal, reaction to the Dynasty news for NCAA Football 14, Keith the “famous” contributor to the comments section and a subject he raised recently, E3 predictions with the event less than two weeks away, and more!

Also presented now is the show that was recorded last week only hours after the Xbox One reveal with thoughts on the console, Microsoft’s potential practices in handling used games and requiring an online connection, and the Ignite Engine that was announced by EA Sports. The Hangout had a technical issue after completion that resulted in failed processing and was lost to Youtube purgatory only to be resurrected by Google last night. All discussed in the show remains relevant just one week later.

As always leave any thoughts or suggestions for future Hangouts in the comments! One final pre-E3 Press Row Podcast will hit next week and then plenty of additional coverage to look forward come the week of June 10th.