Dan Harmon Returns to Community

Posted June 4th, 2013 at 11:30 am


In a surprise move the creator of Community is coming back to the series. Fired after the third season – a public rift between him and Chevy Chase seemingly the last straw – Dan Harmon has been re-hired by NBC. It’s either the first time a fired showrunner has later been brought back later or instances where that has happened have been extremely obscure to the point that no one knows of any.

Recently renewed for a fifth season the comedy Community suffered last year in tone and consistency with many attributing that to the loss of Harmon. The new season does not have a premiere date and may end up as a mid-season replacement and Chase has departed the show. Community has a small but loyal fan base that has supported it even as each season appeared possibly to be the last. Adding the episodes from this fifth season however will give the series enough to run in syndication which was certainly a huge factor in its renewal.