NCAA Football 14 Dynasty News Generates Encouraging Response for EA

Posted June 5th, 2013 at 3:15 pm


Though it hasn’t seemed to carry much momentum EA Sports was able to capitalize on Dynasty news for NCAA Football 14 that was met with a generally positive reaction. Initially there were decidedly split feelings regarding the streamlined recruiting process but as more information was released that trended towards a much better direction and the Coach Skills aspect has brought an intriguing element into shaping a program.

The results from the poll posted late last week show an impressive 46% of the over 2400 respondents more likely to buy NCAA Football 14 based on the Dynasty features being unveiled. Only 6% feel as though the information pushed them away from a potential purchase. An earlier poll regarding the first gameplay and feature news for NCAA 14 generated returns of 33% encouraged and 8% discouraged so EA has built on that and set themselves up well for a demo this month that will hopefully demonstrate the gameplay enhancements they have touted thus far.