Aaron Hernandez Charged With Murder; Will Affect Both Football Games This Year

Posted June 26th, 2013 at 7:15 pm


Earlier today Aaron Hernandez was cut by the New England Patriots after being arrested and later charged with first degree murder and five other counts relating to firearms. Not only does that mean he’ll have to be pulled out of the rosters in Madden NFL 25 but an appearance in NCAA Football 14 will also need to be scrapped by EA Sports.¬†

Obviously the story that matters here isn’t about his place in video games but the loss of life due to his alleged actions. Still it is something the company needs to consider as showing up in either game would only generate bad press.

Hernandez can easily be removed from the rosters for Madden NFL 25 which has not yet been finalized. While NCAA Football 14 is beyond that point his place in the new Ultimate Team mode can be dealt with through a server side update that would remove him from packs before anyone even has the ability to acquire him. Cards for Hernandez rated 90 overall and 77 overall were spotted at E3 (pictured above from this video which shows more players).

The Patriots now, for whatever period they are without Rob Gronkowski, will have lost 84% of their receptions last year. Their offense for Madden has taken a huge hit this offseason. The removal of Hernandez from NCAA 14 will go largely unnoticed though considering there are so many players involved in Ultimate Team and with this occurring before the game releases.