NCAA Football 14 Deal at Toys”R”Us

Posted July 1st, 2013 at 11:45 am


In recent years a number of retailers have offered up their own incentives for purchasing NCAA Football to go along with the pre-order bonuses provided to them by EA Sports. For example last year Amazon simply dropped the price of the game to $45 for pre-orders and the year prior they offered up a $20 promotional credit. Those were incredible deals considering the game wouldn’t drop to those prices for weeks if not months. Even used copies were not all that enticing considering the “Online Pass” program which is now mercifully defunct. 

Currently by far the best deal on NCAA Football 14 resides at Toys”R”Us. Purchasers of the game on its release day of July 9 all the way through July 13 will receive a $25 gift card. If another purchase is to be made there now or in the future it essentially makes the day one buy of NCAA 14 just $35. This is an in-store offer only and does not apply to their website.

In the past Amazon has matched deals like these or at least added a comparable credit of their own – sometimes taking place as late as just a few days before release. Their video game promotions though in the last year have notably dwindled however so it may not happen this time. Still it will be worth monitoring the Amazon listings as well as others like Best Buy and Walmart in case they do add a deal and if so there will be an alert made regarding that for anyone who might prefer to purchase through them.