More on bounceTEK for NBA Live 14

Posted July 18th, 2013 at 5:15 pm


EA Sports today went further into detail on “bounceTEK” which was one of the primary features announced and demonstrated for NBA Live 14 back at E3. The company has even provided a few video examples of how the dribbling system will enhance the game. 

The goal of bounceTek is to completely separate the ball from the animation in order to create a physics-driven dribbling mechanic where the ball is under the same physical forces seen in the NBA. This mechanic will result in authentic responsiveness as opposed to rigged animations.

♦The dev team recaptured all of our dribble animations in order to give players the responsiveness they were looking for.

♦Our technology allows us to ensure that movement is as fluid as it should be in order to deliver authentic gameplay.

♦Our dribbling has something called “Authentic Responsiveness,” which means the ball is controllable when it touches the player’s hands, ensuring that control is responsive when it should be and unresponsive when it should be. While that sounds counterintuitive, it’s important to create the depth required in a top-notch dribbling system.

♦Depth is created through decision-making and risk-reward options that forces users to think about what they want to do with the ball in their hands.