FIFA and Madden Ultimate Team Content Will Transfer to Next-Gen Versions

Posted July 23rd, 2013 at 3:30 pm


Publishers releasing the same game (even if just in name as features may vary) on the current generation of systems and later on next-gen face the challenge of not just selling them individually but trying to reach as many as possible to buy twice. They’ll do that by trumpeting up the improved graphics and other new console-specific features after current-gen releases.

For EA Sports they can also offer the opportunity for Ultimate Team players to continue their progress from the earlier release through the later one rather than being forced to restart which would have been discouraging to those who invested time and money in the mode. It was announced today that FIFA 14 and Madden NFL 25 will carry over Ultimate Team content from the Xbox 360 to Xbox One and PlayStation 3 to PlayStation 4. 

For FIFA the building of the teams will share a single universe. Everything done on the 360/PS3 will be reflected on the One/PS4 as far as teams, coins, and progress in Online Seasons. Users can bounce back and forth between them if they so choose. Even the Auction House is shared between the two, though of course it will not be possible to play head-to-head games against people on the other console. FIFA Points are the exception and will have a one-time transfer to the new system.

With Madden users will be able to make a one-time transfer of up to 1100 items to the One/PS4. Those items selected to transfer will remain on the 360/PS3 but become ineligible for auctions or trades there. The two generations will not share the team-building universe in the way FIFA will. Those who buy the Anniversary Edition from Amazon will also receive six bonus All-Pro packs when starting up with the next-gen version.

Unfortunately this plan leaves out those going from 360 to PS4 or PS3 to One. They’ll have to start from scratch on the new system.