NHL 14 to Offer Dynamic Ratings and Improvements to True Performance Skating

Posted July 29th, 2013 at 10:45 am


Late last week EA Sports released blogs on two features relating to NHL 14. The first deals with “Dynamic Ratings Updates” which aims to deliver more consistency and relevancy to an area that has been a weakness of the series. The other has to do with the work done to better the “True Performance Skating” that was originally introduced in NHL 13. 

The dynamic updates will not only alter player ratings but also reflect those who are on real-life hot or cold streaks for Play Now and Online head-to-head games.

If an NHL player has performed exceptionally well over a stretch of games, they may receive a temporary boost to their ratings. But if a player’s performance has been lackluster, you may see their ratings change negatively. Hot and Cold streaks will be initiated based on Points and Goals Scored for Forwards and Defensemen, while Goalies will be measured on Save Percentage.

As far as skating goes enhancements have been made to allow for quicker pivots, cuts (and linking those at 45 degrees), and turns.

In its second year, True Performance Skating features greater player responsiveness and unprecedented control through improved balance between speed and momentum, quicker pivots and enhanced lateral skating.