Update Adds New Features to OOTP 14

Posted August 2nd, 2013 at 10:00 am


A new update has been released for Out of the Park Baseball 14 that adds a numbers of features and fixes some issues for the PC management sim. In order to receive the changes the new setup file has to be downloaded and installed over the current installation. 

The links for the files to download can be found here.

♦Added the option to display the last 5 games log in the player profile screen stats section
♦In historical leagues, the real stats of the current year are also displayed in the player profile screen stats section
♦The game log in the player screen now has the order reversed with most recent games at top
♦Added “Release all coaches / scouts” and “Fill teams with fictional coaches / scouts” function to league setup
♦Added contract option type to player salary team report
♦Added team records to box score header
♦Added “Hit by Pitch” to box scores in the batting summary
♦Improved 40-man roster AI
♦More aggressive free agent signing AI
♦Improved play-by-play commentary
♦Improved simulation speed
♦Players on irrevocable waivers may no longer be traded (does not apply to online leagues)
♦Users can now turn multiple retired players into coaches via the mass-select function
♦Online league file upload via “automator” will no longer save database two times
♦If online league file routine cannot create target folder for file it will use import_export folder
♦Fixed issues with the online league quickstart feature
♦The “Player of the Week” award is now based on stats complied from Monday through Sunday instead of Sunday through Saturday. Also, pitchers have a higher chance of winning it now.
♦Users can now set the scouting & player development budgets during the offseason as well, which allows more financial flexibility during the free agent signing process.
♦Multiple other bug fixes & AI improvements