Crew Mode Confirmed But Only Coming To Current Generation Versions of NBA 2K14

Posted August 14th, 2013 at 1:30 pm


As many suspected over recent days Crew mode is back with NBA 2K14. The news first came through discovery of the achievements for 2K14 – the list is almost identical to 2K13 except for one relating to Crew and two for the Path to Greatness mode – and 2K Sports has since confirmed its return. 

Without informing consumers beforehand Crew, which involves teaming up online with created players on custom designed teams, was removed with the release of NBA 2K12 and the company avoided addressing the topic at all until a month later. An overhaul being conducted to improve online performance was cited as the reason it was taken out and that it would not be back until the mode could be offered with solid online performance and minus some well-publicized exploits.

A graphic released by 2K explicitly states that Crew will only be available on the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game and not the Xbox One and PS4. If there was a chance Crew would be in the next-gen versions they would have simply left things ambiguous for a later announcement. At least this time the company is telling people beforehand not to expect it in their upcoming product. Crew games can be either 5-on-5 (full court) or 3-on-3 (half court). It is currently unclear whether they will be played only on blacktop or in regular arenas as well.

While it was an important move for 2K to re-introduce Crew a niche mode that doesn’t involve current day NBA players or those from the past isn’t going to sell the game. Going without it for next-gen gives NBA Live 14 a potential advantage if they debut with the EA Sports Basketball Association mode as was planned a few years ago. What bringing Crew back (even if just for current-gen) does temporarily is eliminate a thorn that has been in the company’s side for two years and gets that vocal group of consumers back on their side.