Some Info on NBA 2K14 Association and MyCareer Modes

Posted September 9th, 2013 at 1:15 pm


Outside of the NBA 2K14 features list 2K Sports hasn’t gone into any detail on additions or improvements relating to the modes for NBA 2K14 despite the game releasing in just three weeks. Association and MyCareer weren’t even touched upon in that features list which concentrated more on the changes to gameplay instead. Two recent previous however supply the first info on the two popular modes. 

Game Informer dives into a number of areas including Association which is getting some tweaks behind-the-scenes but nothing to dramatically alter the experience.

♦This year’s big push with the Association mode centers on re-tuning free agency. Visual Concepts reworked the player logic so they have a keener understanding of the market when deciding whether to re-up with their current franchise or test the waters in free agency. As a result, you should see many more players hitting the open market.

♦Because more players are available during the free agency period, teams more actively plan by trying to clear cap space.

♦The player rotations have been rebuilt to take into account recent performances. Shooters with hot hands see their minutes increase, and slumping players spend more time on the bench.

♦Don’t expect star players to start posting big numbers on the road to recovery after experiencing a significant injury. Players coming back from serious physical setbacks are now eased back into the lineup while they recover their stamina and durability.

Games Radar offers up news on MyCareer where the focus seems to be teammate AI – which has desperately needed the attention – but little else.

“From the gameplay side–we’ve spent a lot of time in 2K14 making sure that you feel as if you’re playing with real people. In the past it felt like you were on your own, and that your AI players were just getting in the way. You know–you’d create a great opportunity for one of your team mates, you’d kick it out to him for a shot, and he’d just pass it away or not really know what to do.

“So a lot of the changes I’ve been making are based on how to make the gameplay smarter. Especially in offense. If you kick it to a guy and he’s a good shooter and he’s wide open, you want him earn you an assist. You’re always thinking about your stats, right? So they’re a lot better at recognising opportunities in general. So My Player is more fun to play as a point guard this year.”