NBA 2K14 Patch Addresses VC Exploits

Posted October 11th, 2013 at 6:15 pm


The first patch was released today for NBA 2K14 and introduces a fix for at least one issue that had been discovered since the game released early this month. Essentially saving a game late in the fourth quarter allowed for users to load up the save and take the VC winnings only to come right back and be able to do so from the same late-game situation over and over. Another exploit utilizing Paypal and fake accounts to get VC also appears to now be blocked.

The VC system was introduced last year and infected the whole game making the overall experience less enjoyable and it’s no surprise that users have sought out ways to get currency for free to improve their MyPlayer or stack their MyTeam. EA has faced similar trouble at times with Ultimate Team modes in the past. With revenue on the line 2K Sports accelerated fixes through the system while other pressing issues with the game will have to wait.