First Official Next-Gen NBA 2K14 Screenshot; Comparison With Current-Gen

Posted October 14th, 2013 at 11:45 am


2K Sports today released the first official screenshot for Xbox One/PS4 NBA 2K14. That in itself isn’t especially newsworthy after having seen brief footage of how the game should look with the E3 teaser and the recent TV commercial.

However putting the next-gen LeBron James up against current-gen will make the differences really stand out. Even details like how the jersey doesn’t float over the shoulders and the fix being made so the single digit number is under the “T” rather than the “A” are notable. Obviously the comparison won’t be perfect for a number of reasons but is intended to make the enhancements easier to identify in the screenshot. Click the image below to view full size and leave any thoughts you have on the new screenshot in the comments!