Second Next-Gen Madden NFL 25 Highlight Video; Now They Don’t Want You To See

Posted October 14th, 2013 at 3:30 pm


ESPN today released another Monday Night Football sim with footage from next-gen Madden NFL 25. The first one with Dolphins @ Saints was so poorly received that EA Sports and ESPN skipped last week’s sim seemingly in an effort to produce something more impressive. That video probably did more damage to the perception of the product than the hands-on impressions (check out the most recent Press Row Hangout and Podcast for talk of that) which have described the game as not much different than current-gen.

With the Colts @ Chargers sim it appears they attempted to make it seem better by zooming in further on players and adding some slow-motion to various moments. It doesn’t help that ESPN deleted the video from their account after seeing the feedback roll in again and now is pulling down the video from others. It’s barely an improvement over the first, which was nothing short of embarrassing for EA, but still won’t meet the expectations of those who hoped Madden would show immediate improvement. Thankfully Kotaku snagged the video and is hosting it so check it out here¬†and return to leave your thoughts in the comments!