Next FIFA World Cup Game Made Official

Posted October 31st, 2013 at 2:45 pm


In the quarterly financial call this week Andrew Wilson, the new CEO of Electronic Arts, announced that 2014 FIFA World Cup is currently in development. That comes as no surprise but acts as the first time the company has made any reference to the upcoming game which is expected out next spring.

The World Cup games have been well received critically, helped to ease more inexperienced players into becoming fans of the yearly FIFA series, and sold really well worldwide. 2010 FIFA World Cup is currently still alive in The Best Sports Game of the Generation Tournament.

Though the company did not state one way or the other, the anticipation should be for a traditional retail release considering how well World Cup sells rather than a DLC release. The recent UEFA EURO 2012 was a disaster as DLC for FIFA 12 and it’s unlikely EA would repeat that mistake with World Cup which has wider-reaching appeal.