Server Issues Plaguing Next-Gen NBA 2K14

Posted November 18th, 2013 at 7:45 am


NBA 2K14 is arguably the most impressive next-gen game out at launch – and I would wholeheartedly recommend it based on time spent with it so far – but server related issues have made playing the game a difficult task for a significant number of consumers. 

There are widespread reports of users unable to access anything other than quick games. Several have now contacted me directly and chatter is heavy on social media channels. The problem seems to lie in requiring an initial connection to the 2K server and needing that not just for online play and NBA Today, but for any mode that requires communication with the server.

That includes pretty much everything in the game. Without being first connected MyCareer, MyGM, and MyTeam are also inaccessible. They don’t even show up in the menus for those struggling to get past the initial barrier. The whole game is just missing.

While some have yet to even receive the game they paid for, due to what may be account-related conflicts preventing the connection from ever taking place, others have had to face the typical inconsistency of the 2K servers. If the server is down for any reason everyone loses the ability to play what they paid for. Even gameplay suffers as frequent pauses to the action occur which are seemingly related to constant attempts being made behind the scenes to connect.

All of these problems aren’t even related to the all-time awful menu system where numerous features are buried where no one can even seem to find them. “The Park”, for anyone who can locate it, doesn’t seem to be working either.

So far 2K Sports has refused comment on the issue but they’ll need to address it soon. Not only are there many who bought the game unable to play it, but they may have falsely advertised by failing to declare prior to release that almost all features require an online connection to access.