Online Troubles Escalate Following Latest NBA 2K14 Patch

Posted December 23rd, 2013 at 12:30 pm


It seemed things couldn’t get much worse for the next-gen version of NBA 2K14. The practically always-online nature, its damaging VC implementation, and crashes affecting many were already well publicized. Last week’s patch did little to improve the situation as many are still unable to play MyCareer or MyGM due to crashes. It also introduced a new bug in MyGM that prevents proposed contract details from being altered essentially wrecking free agency.

There are other areas of the game though such as online play that has also been adversely affected. Lag has worsened – so much so that scattered complaints before (fairly typical relating to online performance for any game) have amplified greatly with extensive discussion taking place on forums, through social media, and those directly contacting me about how online has become unplayable. Besides the lag, consumers have been unable to play friends on the Xbox One, something that was not rectified in the patch and continues to this day. The useless Online Leagues also were not helped in any fashion by the update.

2K Sports has remained quiet regarding all the various issues and have failed to even acknowledge the frustration they have caused consumers leading some to file complaints with the Better Business Bureau or contemplate class action lawsuits such as the one that EA now faces for the botched launch of Battlefield 4. It’s especially unfortunate that people have to resort to those means to try and reach a satisfying conclusion but that is where things stand right now.