NBA 2K14 Recovering From Devastating Weekend Server Problems

Posted December 30th, 2013 at 11:00 am


The troubles with NBA 2K14 on Xbox One and PS4 escalated further this weekend as the 2K Sports servers were unavailable beginning on late Friday and took until early Monday morning to be mostly resolved. Without the servers most of the game is rendered unplayable including MyCareer and MyGM due to the always-online requirement built in to deal with the system of Virtual Currency. 

Social media, forums, and email inboxes were swarming with complaints over the affected days from those unable to access the product they paid for and have struggled with over the entirety of its release. This doesn’t even count the brief console-wide outages recently but instead specifically relates to the 2K servers. 

In this case not only were the servers preventing consumers from playing the game but some have lost actual money/VC in the process that they’ll have to waste time trying to recoup from the company. Others are reporting having lost their career and GM saves, still having server-related issues, or MyTeam remaining down. Regardless a weekend like this one goes to show why there were so many concerns over always-online consoles and games. With NBA 2K14 even offline-based modes become unplayable due to the saves being stored in the cloud and the servers being used to constantly track VC earnings and usage.

It would be difficult to cite another game that has stumbled so badly post-release as next-gen NBA 2K14. From the recognition that online connections are essentially required at all times, to the damaging VC system that has turned so many against the series on its own, the crashes preventing many from simply playing the game’s central modes, and even the more pronounced lag post-patch and new bugs introduced into MyGM – it’s been one thing after another and 2K has shown no signs of gaining their footing or compensating all those who have struggled to get out of the product what it promised.