Roster for NBA Live 14 Now Hasn’t Been Updated in a Month

Posted January 10th, 2014 at 4:45 pm


Roster updates that would process within an hour after the conclusion of every game represented one of the very first features announced for NBA Live 14. That happened last June during EA’s press conference at E3.

As pointed out first by Operation Sports the promises have not been kept as the updates have lapsed with the latest stretch now a month and counting. 

In going back and reading the various descriptions of how updates would be handled it has become clear that the focus of the supposed hourly updates was on the ratings driven by Synergy data and even changes to accessories worn by players.

Obviously however the implication from EA – and the assumption that was made by consumers – was that the complete roster would always be current and no gap would occur to allow it to become outdated. That then isn’t limited to ratings but even more importantly player movement, injuries, and the frequent transactions that teams make.

Regardless of how many or how few are playing NBA Live 14 the company still needs to deliver on any advertised features. The EA Sports NBA Twitter account on January 8th did appear to acknowledge this with a declaration that “Roster updates coming in hot!” but here we are days later and that still hasn’t taken place. If the system was working in the way the company claimed it would there wouldn’t be such a wait or the need for anyone to call them out on it. EA has continued to update Live with new “BIG Moments” so the lack of attention to the roster is especially perplexing.

It’s one thing to promise significant improvements coming to the game – of which they have yet to deliver on but continue to work towards providing – but another to neglect those who actually purchased the product and have stuck with it in the meantime.

[Update: Late Friday] Rosters appear to have been updated along with nickname jerseys being added. Here’s an article with the details.