New NBA 2K14 Patch Out Now on Xbox One

Posted January 23rd, 2014 at 4:45 pm


The third post-release patch for NBA 2K14 went live today on the Xbox One and is expected soon for the PlayStation 4. The update is intended to address the crashing many have experienced when attempting to play MyCareer and MyGM along with the MyGM problems introduced in the last patch that included being unable to adjust contract offers and getting stuck in the Playoffs without being able to advance.

Other previously reported issues that have been targeted include not being able to play against friends, not being able to play Team-Up mode, and The Park which has been struck by frequent lengthy server outages. The modes should not need to be restarted for fixes to take effect.

Both earlier patches intended to improve troubles with crashing and saves but were unsuccessful and even made things worse in areas. Hopefully this update will instead eliminate the majority of the frustration consumers have been experiencing with the game. For those with the Xbox One version of 2K14 feel free to leave your post-patch observations in the comments and continue on for the full list of areas that will now hopefully be fixed and improved upon. 

♦Addressed an issue where some users were unable to load/play any previously saved files.

♦Addressed an issue where some users were unable to properly negotiate contracts in MyGM.

♦Users are now able to advance to the next round of the playoffs when playing the series deciding game in MyGM.

♦Addressed an issue with Friend invites that was preventing some users from entering into Head-to-Head and Team-Up matchmaking.

♦Corrected a case where the game would exit out after the first change of possession during the Rising Stars challenge in MyCAREER mode.

♦Improved performance in The Park by fixing hitches that would occur during gameplay.

♦Fixed issue where title would be unresponsive when booted without being signed into a profile.

♦Fixed issue where game would occasionally exit out shortly after boot when there was a large number of content update notifications queued up.

♦Corrected issue where thumbnails in MyPLAYER Store/Dressing Room would fail to appear.