The Show Leads Pack in Spring Game Anticipation Levels

Posted February 5th, 2014 at 3:00 pm


The poll to gauge which of the five console games releasing through May were being most looked forward to was posted over a week ago and in that time the status for each of them has not changed. The most info out there relates to The Golf Club surprisingly, along with UFC which received a strong push back at E3. The Show carries over expectations but has not even solidified a release date. RBI and World Cup haven’t been talked about at all yet. 

As most would anticipate MLB 14: The Show came out on top in the poll with 43%. Even with uncertainty surrounding its release as a delay appears likely, and very few details about what new to expect, the first effort on the PS4 and carry-over from the award winning (Pastapadre Game of the Year, Pastapadre Community Game of the Year) MLB 13 has many people excited for what is to come.

EA Sports UFC finished second with 21%. This is a sport that seems to present more highly defined contrast than others between those that find the games very appealing and others who have little interest or simply dismiss it without consideration. EA has a lot riding on the series being a success and they have invested heavily in it with the hopes that it could become what Fight Night Round 3 was to the early stages of the previous generation.

2014 FIFA World Cup may very well end up as the highest selling title of the bunch but right now it’s a dead spot for interest. Considering that the 19% it received is a solid draw for the popular World Cup offering that arrives every four years. FIFA 14 hit the market as recently as 2 1/2 months ago for those who got it on PS4/Xbox One and the World Cup doesn’t start until June 12. The game is expected to release late April.

Bringing in 9% is a very good sign for The Golf Club. This is a game that no one knew existed until a few weeks ago which carries no golfer or course licensing. However HB Studios has done an excellent job of disseminating information and showing off the game in videos while leveraging its creative features which are attractive to the community. Without the marketing budget of bigger developers they have to do that and it has been resonating with those who have interest in golf games particularly as EA takes the year off.

RBI Baseball should have capitalized on its initial announcement. It comes in last place drawing 8% despite the nostalgia-reliant reveal last month. There was considerable excitement when the surprise news hit but that has dissipated considerably since as absolutely no information has followed. It sits right now as an intriguing title due its mysterious status but it’s hard to get invested in a future game when even the most basic things about it are unknown.

Check out the segment from the most recent Press Row Hangout below where discussion is had on what game for each of us is most and least anticipated!

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