Press Row Hangout Clip: 2014 FIFA World Cup Announcement

Posted February 11th, 2014 at 10:00 am


2014 FIFA World Cup was made official last week but the majority of the discussion has not been centered on the trailer, screenshots, or features. Instead everyone is talking about the decision to only release the popular every-four-years game on the 360 and PS3 while bypassing the Xbox One and PS4.

World Cup was first mentioned back during an EA Sports October financial call where it was grouped in with other titles that would be releasing on the next-gen consoles. At some point since then the next-gen versions were cut with the reasoning that the install base on last-gen is much greater. There is market saturation and reach into nations that may not have even gotten the new consoles yet to consider.

While that may be true, World Cup has acted as a bridge to the yearly FIFA games, and credited for helping make the brand the worldwide monster it is today. With scarce competition on the new systems and many looking forward to the game that was thought to be coming to them that makes for a missed opportunity to bring in even more new fans.

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