MLB 14: The Show PS3 Gameplay Video Featuring Quick Counts

Posted March 27th, 2014 at 10:15 am


Earlier this week the top rated players for MLB 14: The Show were revealed thanks to a consumer with hands on an early PS3 copy. Now the first extended gameplay can be watched and it utilizes the optional new Quick Counts feature that generates them rather than starting with a fresh slate. In theory that will lead to more realistic walk and strikeout numbers and at the same time reduce the length of time it takes to play games.

The video features Cardinals at Red Sox for a single inning that only takes about three minutes to complete. As seen from the pitch count tally, which does not reflect the accurate number based on the counts, a pitch or two from each at-bat are being subtracted from the total. This is likely intended to rectify potentially accelerated pitch count numbers due to the lack of first pitch outs (there are no 0-0 counts) when utilizing the feature.