First Roster Update for MLB 14: The Show

Posted April 8th, 2014 at 1:15 pm


MLB 14: The Show arrived last week but the usual roster update that accompanies sports games for release was absent. That left consumers waiting yet another week for the latest rosters and having to consider whether to delay starting up a Franchise or Road to the Show or getting stuck for the entirety of their careers with the base six week old rosters.

SCEA has now released the first update and that includes players who made their MLB debuts early this season. The biggest name is Masahiro Tanaka who comes in with an 82 overall and “A” potential. Click the two thumbnails below to see all the changes that have been implemented in the update including added players and movement.

mlb14theshowrosterupdate1b           mlb14theshowrosterupdate1a