Demo Confirmed for EA Sports UFC

Posted April 9th, 2014 at 3:15 pm


EA Sports has now confirmed that there will be a pre-release demo for the upcoming UFC title. No date has been announced but in the past the company has released demos for NCAA Football around the same time period. In regards to UFC a potential conflict exists in that E3 takes place the week prior to the game’s release.

In recent years a demo has gone out for NCAA a week before or after E3 (which begins this year June 10th) but in the case of NCAA 13 it actually coincided with the first day of E3. June 3rd or 10th are the prime candidates for UFC’s demo considering the 17th is when it will arrive in stores.

Strategically EA could put it out a week before E3 to generate some buzz prior to the event and avoid all the extra noise or they could have it drop along with it and let fans feel as though they are involved in the spectacle. Demos for THQ’s UFC efforts drove sales through good word of mouth – their first one in particular benefited greatly from a terrific demo – and EA will be looking for the same as they launch their franchise. Earlier this week the news of Bruce Lee being on the roster was crafted with the intention of reaching consumers who normally may not have considered the game and the demo will be another tactic to do just that.

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