Royce Gracie Added to Pre-Order Incentive for EA Sports UFC

Posted April 22nd, 2014 at 9:15 am


Those who pre-order EA Sports UFC will have the opportunity to get more than just Bruce Lee unlocked for use immediately. UFC legend Royce Gracie will be included in the pre-order bonus for the game as well – though which specific retailers will have him has not been made completely clear by EA. As is the case with Lee, Gracie can also be unlocked by completing Career mode for those who don’t get the game day one.

Gracie makes for a much easier sell to hardcore fans of the UFC as the reaction to Lee’s addition has been mixed with the appeal trending more to casual fight fans or those who didn’t have much interest in the product prior. Putting them together in the bonus is a smart move by EA as long as they make it retailer-wide and not specific to just Gamestop.