Digital Game Pre-Downloading Available on PS4 Just in Time for MLB 14: The Show

Posted April 30th, 2014 at 9:15 am


[Update 5/5] At this point it doesn’t look good for pre-downloading to be offered for The Show. Sony has refused to give a definitive yes, or no, to the matter for some inexplicable reason and the process has not started if it will be.

A significant system update arrived today for the PlayStation 4 with new features like ShareFactory, HD quality streaming and archiving through Twitch or UStream, and USB exporting of gameplay and screenshots among others. One of the features that will come into play right away is that of automatic pre-downloads of digital games.

MLB 14: The Show of course releases next Tuesday and normally purchasing the digital copy would mean waiting until midnight to begin the 47 GB download that would likely stretch into the morning or beyond. Now for those who pre-order, the console will download it prior to then (possibly several days in advance) so that it’s ready to go and play at midnight instead.

Unfortunately there is still no price break in buying digitally to account for the removal of manufacturing costs and the inability to sell the game and recoup some of the initial investment when done with it. Consumers instead are paying for the convenience and now especially with the ability to pre-download the immediacy of access.