NHL 15 Exits E3 In Strengthened Position; PGA Tour Sunk By Its Appearance

Posted June 20th, 2014 at 11:00 am


While E3 last week predictably offered no bombshells EA Sports rolled out the first looks at four upcoming titles and offered some additional information on each. Nearly 4,000 voters chimed in on each poll that was posted following the event regarding the games that most and least impressed them with their showings. 

Most Excited About From E3
33% Madden NFL 15
32% NHL 15
18% None
15% FIFA 15
2% PGA Tour

Least Excited About From E3
47% PGA Tour
28% Madden NFL 15
10% NHL 15
8% None
7% FIFA 15

Madden rated high in both polls – once again displaying the divisive nature that surrounds it. A focus on fundamental areas of gameplay in need of improvement was recognized but rolling out visual gimmicks in the presentation and a depressing video showcasing the “halftime show” didn’t make for the best first impression.

FIFA 15 and NHL 15 didn’t show a whole lot – in fact only one brief gameplay video for NHL leaked out due to restrictions the company placed on recording at their booth. However FIFA did list off gameplay and presentation features while the excitement for NHL carried over due to highly anticipated feature announcements made prior to the event.

Looking at the full picture NHL 15 has to be considered the winner as it relates to the poll results. This is a series dwarfed in sales by the likes of Madden and FIFA, yet it was able to draw a significant chunk of voters who may prefer those other sports.

On the other end EA Sports PGA Tour is clearly already in trouble. The company debuted it in a manner that immediately created the perception that it will be an arcade game rather than the simulation the series had attempted to be in the past. It became the joke of the show – new competitor to the market The Golf Club even poked fun at it in a trailer.

EA either intended to create something that would generate widespread discussion, with the hope of attracting a casual crowd that may be more difficult to reach sans Tiger Woods, or they completely miscalculated the effect of presenting it as such. More than likely it is the latter and we’ll see them focus on the simulation and authenticity in upcoming promotion for the game.