Players Recording Audio For Roles in NBA 2K15 MyCareer Mode

Posted June 27th, 2014 at 1:15 pm


Real audio was introduced to post-game interviews in NBA 2K14 and that helped establish just how well fans respond to hearing the actual voices of the league’s stars. For NBA 2K15 there will be voiceover work completed by a number of players for MyCareer mode which glaringly lacked them for all but your created player in 2K14. The audio will accompany the roles and storylines that involve the respective players. Operation Sports noted all the various tweets over recent months that featured players in studio to record lines.

The involvement of NBA players in the 2K14 MyCareer storylines were often cringe-inducingly cheesy and coupled with having no voices (just subtitles) the interactions were even more awkward. Having the actual players recording their lines could eliminate the latter issue, but ultimately the writing in the story mode along with having more options will drive how grounded, realistic, and rewarding it may be to play through.