Details on Ultimate Team for Madden NFL 15

Posted July 28th, 2014 at 12:15 pm


With just four weeks until release EA Sports still has two main modes for Madden NFL 15 to discuss. Connected Franchise which has really slipped this year – typically news on that has come out in May and June – and Ultimate Team which is generally the last thing the company rolls information out on prior to release. Those concerned about Franchise will be even more so now that the company has moved on to talking Ultimate Team.

A short video released today teases Ultimate Team for this year. The mode will include a new feature called “Sets” which were formerly known as “Collections” and a focus on making the mode more understandable for new players.

Before we explain how the new system works, let’s review at the steps required to add an Item to a Collection in MUT 25.
1. Open a pack with a cool new Item you’ve been looking for to complete a collection
2. Select it and move it to your Current Roster (space permitting)
3. Tab over to the Current Roster tile, and find the new Item
4. Send it to Pending Collections (space permitting)
5. Tab over to Collections and find the right place for the new Item
6. Choose the empty slot and add (with a few more confirmations)

Now, let’s talk about how this same procedure works with sets in MUT 15.
1. Open a pack with a cool new Item you’ve been looking for to complete a collection
2. Select that Item to open the viewer, and choose Add to Set. Done

♦This year, you can choose Best Lineup by OVR or by Style Type. Don’t forget to go to Coaching & Equipment and put in the new coach you got in the Style Pack. His team style will match your choice too.

♦The new Item Binder includes every item in your Collection, so this is an easy way to manage your Roster, Pending Collection and Reserves. The new MUT binder makes it easy to select any item and do anything you want with it.

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