Crew Mode Returns – For Real This Time – With NBA 2K15 But Only Last-Gen Consoles

Posted August 5th, 2014 at 4:45 pm


Last year 2K Sports announced the eagerly-anticipated return of Crew mode to NBA 2K14 on 360 and PS3. The mode had been stripped out after 2K11, without any sort of notification to fans, which created quite a bit of animosity. 2K did those people no favors however when it turned out “Crews” was nothing like the Crew mode they wanted back.

Today the company announced proper “Crew” mode is returning in NBA 2K15 but only to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. It’s fairly rare to see any yearly sports game release getting unique features on the old generation of consoles – most don’t even get talked about by the companies let alone improved significantly and added to – but that’s the case here. It’s a positive that 2K is treating them as complete new products rather than just dumping rehashes on the unsuspecting left behind with the same $60 price tag as the higher-profile releases.

However the more hardcore crowd and those who have supported the series helping it reach the heights it’s at today are the ones seeking Crew and details on the game right now. The majority of those have moved on to the Xbox One and PS4 already making the announcement fall flat, and being baited into watching a livestream for 2K15 news that did not apply to them is yet another example of poor treatment of consumers through social media channels.

The XB1/PS4 received “The Park” last year and that feature is likely to be expanded upon more in 2K15 if the first image the company released (above) and slogan for the 2K15 is any indication. Elements of Crew may be implemented but clearly The Park is more of the vision they have for competitively using created players going forward.