Top Rated Wings and Centers in NHL 15

Posted August 8th, 2014 at 12:00 pm


EA Sports has released the top five rated left wingers, right wingers, and centers for NHL 15. Earlier the company revealed the highest rated goalies and defensemen. Sidney Crosby comes away as the best player in the game by three full points at 96 overall. A handful of players follow behind with 93.

Left Wing
Alexander Ovechkin (93), Henrik Zetterberg (92), Zach Parise + Taylor Hall + Jamie Benn (90)

Right Wing
Corey Perry (92), Marian Hossa (91), Phil Kessel (90), Patrick Kane (89), Martin St. Louis (88)

Sidney Crosby (96), Steven Stamkos + Jonathan Toews + Pavel Datsyuk (93), Ryan Getzlaf (92)