The Golf Club Sets Price and One Release Date

Posted August 12th, 2014 at 8:15 pm


Earlier this month HB Studios announced a likely date of the digital-only release of The Golf Club with hopes it could be out earlier. That has turned out to be the case on one of the consoles. The Golf Club will release Tuesday, August 19 on Xbox One. That date will also see the game leave “Early Access” for full PC release on Steam. The PlayStation 4 version is said to launch “later this month” so that one may land on the previously expected August 26 date.

The price of The Golf Club will be $34.99. The game is unlicensed and features an extensive course creator and the ability to share courses with all regardless of platform, no loading times between holes, and online Tours and Tournaments. It’s a unique entry into the space for many reasons that include being self-published, all golfers possessing the same abilities and the complete lack of microtransactions. The company plans to update and evolve the game over time without charging more for any improvements or new content.

For those with both consoles, that may be unsure which to buy on, some specs were released that may be worth considering. The Golf Club will run at a higher resolution on PS4 (1080p) than Xbox One (720p). The framerates are close but may be slighter higher on XB1.