Tap Sports Baseball Releases on Mobile

Posted August 13th, 2014 at 4:30 pm


It seems as though baseball is the most represented sport in mobile because it’s the most natural fit for a team-based sports game. A new entrant arrived today in Tap Sports Baseball that stands out from the crowd due to the team behind it.

Tap Sports Baseball comes from the makers of Your Turn Football which was my personal favorite mobile sports game last year and one of the very few that provedĀ to be compelling for a long stretch of time. It was a turn-based multiplayer game that on the surface was simple to play but timing and strategy had a great impact on the outcome. Your Turn was anchored with a realistic nature that in some ways represented football even better than Madden. What it most notably lacked was any type of single player mode or licensing.

Those areas and others have been addressed with the new game. Tap Sports Baseball includes MLBPA licensing, so it’ll have real players but not any of the teams or league branding, and a way to play single player games. It retains the turn-based gameplay and team building aspects. Many of the excellent design decisions present in Your Turn also appear in Tap Sports. It’s free and can be downloaded forĀ iOS through iTunes or Google Play for Android.