EASHL and GM Connected Left Out of NHL 15 Achievements on Xbox One and PS4

Posted August 18th, 2014 at 6:44 pm


EA Sports still refuses to address the growing unrest regarding the presence of EA Sports Hockey League and GM Connected in NHL 15. It’s likely they plan at some point this week to attempt to bury the bad news, that the modes are not included in the game, with other feature information that they hope will deflect some of the attention away from the revelation.

That’s not going to work though. The mode is too popular, the fans too passionate, that EASHL is all that matters right now. Even the gameplay videos did nothing to quiet the storm that has been building for a week as many have already begun cancelling pre-orders.

The latest information that points at the lack of EASHL and GMC are achievements for the XB1/PS4 version of the game which until now had been hidden. The list for the 360/PS3, which is confirmed to still have EASHL and GMC, have several achievements for the modes but it can be seen that the XB1/PS4 has none. This follows on the heels of the box art displaying a maximum of two players online rather than the 12 that it has in the past and still does on 360/PS3. There’s a lot more to the story also as documented on the last Press Row Hangout.

The way EA has treated their customers as of late has been deplorable. The deceptive nature advertising EA Access is one example but this situation with NHL 15 affects even more peopleĀ and is doing long-term damage to both the NHL and company brand regardless of whatever the outcome may be.