Will The Recent NHL 15 News Alter Your Purchase Decision?

Posted August 20th, 2014 at 3:30 pm


With the bad news about NHL 15 on XB1/PS4 finally being confirmed yesterday – make sure to read about it here and check out the lengthy hangout discussing the situation here – consumers can now begin to properly assess whether the product is worth buying this year.

Fans of the series and EA Sports Hockey League in particular have gone through a roller coaster of emotions in the last week, with EA Sports turning what should have just been immense disappointment into anger based on their mistreatment of the passionate community and all those who simply deserved answers. Not having EASHL, GM Connected, and a number of other features severely damages the value of the product and the extra development time (which EA themselves played up over the last year) proved of little benefit despite earlier claims from the company that it allowed them more opportunity to focus on the feature set.

Dropping EASHL and other modes will directly impact word of mouth¬†and sales, and there is no guarantee that those consumers who walk away will ever come back even when (or “if” in the case of some of them) the features return. That’s a dangerous risk to take for a series that could be vulnerable if it doesn’t recover and show opportunity for growth in both sales and digital revenue. Vote in the poll below on whether NHL 15 not having these features will alter your decision to buy and leave any additional thoughts in the comments!